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Water Management Services

Water Tank Projects

Shady Hill Elevated Water Tank – Contract B
Lexington, Tennessee

Water Management Services, LLC provided design, funding assistance and construction inspection services for the Shady Hill Elevated Water Tank project. The project consisted of construction of 250,000 gallon elevated water storage tank including site work, gravel access drive, fence and gates, yard piping, altitude valve pit, fire hydrants and vales, telemetry, and all other appurtenances and other work.

Cave City Water Improvements – Contract B
750,000 Gallon Composite Elevated Water Tank
Caveland Environmental Authority, Kentucky

The Village of Indian Lake 1.5 MG Water Storage Tank project consisted of the construction of a 1,500,000 gallon composite elevated water storage tank with associated site work, yard piping, valve pit, access road, drain pipe under access road, valves, altitude valve, fencing, gate, and other miscellaneous work; the furnishing, installation, and testing of approximately 700 linear feet of 16-inch and 12-inch water main; including valves, fittings, fire hydrant assemblies, connections; testing, unclassified excavation (including rock excavation), backfill, crushed stone backfill in roadways, tie-ins to existing water mains, traffic control devices including flagging, and all other appurtenances and work.

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