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Water Management Services

Water and Sewer Lines

Hampshire Pike Water Transmission Main and Water Booster Station
Columbia Power & Water Systems
Columbia, Tennessee

The Hampshire Pike Water Transmission Project included the planning, design, and construction management services for approximately 7,500 feet of 16-inch DIP water main, a 1,400-gpm water booster station, and appurtenances. The project also involved the cross-country installation of the water transmission main to provide a secondary feed point for a storage tank in a different pressure zone.

Water Management Services, LLC provided hydraulic modeling of the water system to enable the reconfiguration of existing pressure zones. This maximized the benefits of the new transmission facilities by improving fire flows within the distribution system.  

Royal Oaks Area Existing Sewer Rehabilitation
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Water Management Services, LLC provided design assistance for existing sanitary sewer rehabilitation in a residential area. These sewerage facilities consisted of collector sewer mains and services including two area wastewater pumping stations. As part of the preliminary design services an initial Smoke Testing (23,000 LF) and CCTV (7,000 LF) project was performed to verify condition of the existing sewer lines and sewer services. Also in the preliminary design stages extensive field flow chasing was performed during and after rainfall events to evaluate existing manholes and I & I in different drainage basins.

Subsequent to the preliminary design stages, final designs were performed to determine the most feasible rehabilitation methods to be utilized. These chosen methods included actual open-cut line replacements and cured-in-place of various line segments. Existing manholes were evaluated to determine which ones were in need of total replacement and which ones could be rehabilitated by spray applied methods.

Two area wastewater pumping stations were evaluated for possible upgrades. One was an old ejector station and was in need of total replacement. The other station was in need of greater capacity. Based on hydraulic analysis the additional capacity was achieved by replacement and upsizing the existing discharge force main and without any pumping equipment modifications.

After preliminary field work and inspections the design work was complete, WMS recommend the design and construction of the Royal Oaks Area Existing Sewer Rehabilitation project included approximately 6,170 linear feet of cured-in-place rehabilitation lining of existing 8-inch gravity sewer; approximately 790 linear feet of existing 8-inch gravity sewer replacements; and appurtenances; reinstatement of 4” and/or 6” sewer services; 6” epoxied-on-saddle with stainless steel bands connections to CIPP lining; sewer service line replacements, sewer service clean-out assemblies and traffic rated clean-out boxes and point repairs.

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