Water Management Services, LLC

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Founding Principles

Water Management Services, LLC was founded in 1984 as a professional service firm providing quality planning, engineering, and operating services for water, wastewater, and related projects. Our goal has been to provide quality design and construction oversight for projects, which exceed the expectations of our clients.

Engineering Design

Our staff is experienced in the operation of both water and wastewater facilities. During the report and design phases of a project, this experience is utilized in developing workable solutions tailored to the particular needs of the project. Simplicity and reliability are stressed in process design and equipment selection.

Project Management

We emphasize the involvement of the most experienced personnel on each project. We routinely perform engineering services for numerous municipalities in Tennessee and Kentucky, which range from minor utility relocations to major water and wastewater treatment projects. Our professional staff has experience managing a variety of multi-million dollar projects.


We strive to develop long-term relationships with clients. To accomplish this, we recognize the need to provide superior engineering services at a reasonable cost and that our clients' best interest must always be served. We believe this is the essence of providing professional engineering services.

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